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This song comes across quite like a collection of random patterns over a house beat. There is no real progression, and the melodies are a bit boring and very inconsistent with the rest of the notes being played, which to me, makes it feel quite arbitrary. As if rather than utilising atonality as a technique, it was just a collection of random notes thrown together that dont strictly clash, but certainly don't compliment eachother either. It might be a good idea to broaden your horizons musically, and look in to composition and tonality, so as to avoid making stuff that just follows pre-existing blueprints for vague, generic, four to the floor electro. The mixing isn't bad, if a little bit sterile, but again the sounds don't really compliment each other particularly, they just coexist and it sounds like it was mixed by going through a checklist of things you needed to do, rather than because it was necessary. Almost like the first draft, default mix you get back from an engineer after a session before you start shaping it into what you really want.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for the review! I understand your criticisms about the progression and atonality. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "sterile" mixing, but I certainly identify with the "mixing checklist" thing you mentioned. XD I'll try to create something more tonal...sometime, haha! Thanks again for stopping by. ;)

I very much enjoyed the levels of wonk and swagger this song brings.
The only very small criticism I have is the skanks. They are just a little bit too obtrusive. Everything else is nice and working together, but the skanks come in like a stab to the ears. Other than that, I enjoyed it.

devknob responds:

those filthy fucking skanks. thanks for the feedback

very cool. i love the piano line twinkling away, you have some really nice melodies in there.
I kind of agree with the other review, In that I felt like I was expecting a big fat bassy drop around the 2:05 mark, but other than that though, dope track.

Evilgrapez responds:

The piano twinkling away was actually an accident where I accidentally placed two piano melodies at the same time in the song. I didn't realize it until I saved the song, but hey, it turned out for the better! :D

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I absolutely love your whole style, but this piece is especially badass.

This is so awesome. I was too busy for a moment taking in all the detail to notice that you were sitting in the corner and that this is on somebodies fucking wall. My friends only seem to leave mess when they visit. Awesome.

I really like your stuff. Its nightmarish and repulsive, and everything that makes me want to gawp and stare at a piece of art.
I accidentally rated this a three, because i'm a click happy retard, so I thought i had better let you know that i really think your stuff is undeniably a cut above, and deserving of far more than a mediocre rating from some impatient douchebag in a different part of the world that you dont give a fuck about.

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